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3 Considerations For Upgrading Windows

3 Considerations For Upgrading Windows

There are considerations for upgrading windows. If you want it to function how you are used to (with the added extras of a new operating system) you will need to bare a few things in mind. These are the main considerations:

1. Your document data. You need to have your data backed up in an external hard drive and or online using google drive or drop box for example. If doing it online bare in mind that it may take some time to re-download everything to the new computer when it is up and running. With drop box and google drive there is not a way around this you must re download everything.

2. Your email data. This can be tricky. If you use Outlook for example and don’t mind missing out on your folder structure that you have created it is much easier you would just set up your email client on the new computer and configure it to send and receive from your email server. If you want to retrieve your contacts, folder structure and things like signature this is a job in itself. Leave it the the expects like us to do.

3. Your email program set up. With Outlook you just need your server connection information to get this working. Install Outlook then create a new “profile” with pop address SMTP address and account user name and password. Your email provider should be able to supply you with this information.

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