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3 Ways To Make Your Documents Secure

3 Ways To Make Your Documents Secure

1. Put a password on your logon and tell it to lock when not in use
This one is super easy and is enough to satisfy most users. The easiest thing you can do is stop every day people from being able to simply logon to your computer if left unattended or if stolen. Although this would still be able to be compromise by an IT professional it would stop the majority of people from being able to view documents. This is for windows 8 contact us for other versions we will be happy to help.

To do this go start – users – settings area – users – create a password on the right hand side. Done! Also it is best to set it to lock if you are not using the computer for maybe 5 minutes in case you have to rush away. For this one go to the desktop right click and go personalize – click screen saver – choose one and select on resume display logon screen. Nice!

2. Put your documents on a different drive and lock it with bitlocker
This one is a bit more difficult but if you have a drive other then your system drive which is normally c drive you can with bit locker. You need to have the professional versions or above of windows 7 or 8 though.

3.Back up to a reputable cloud back up provider
You can back up to Google drive for example and just have them accessible from a logon from you web browser having no local copy stored anywhere.

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