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4 Benefits Of Using Cloud File Sharing

4 Benefits Of Using Cloud File Sharing

1. You can share your files! Cloud sharing allow files that I create and upload to the repository to be viewed by anyone else with the appropriate permissions. I can even have them accessible by the public.

2. It is backed up! Using something like Google Drive my documents are housed in servers and those servers are backed up. I don’t have to worry about a fire burning down a Google building because my data is replicated in other places.

3. I can use online tools to modify my documents easily. Using Google docs with Google Drive is super simple and fast. I can modify my spreadsheets and word documents with Google Docs right on the interface and save them back in. I don’t have to use an external application to make minor changes.

4. It is cost effective. With an offline back up system you need a server, the data drives to house the data on, have to worry about technicians fixing it if things go wrong the list goes on! For a very small price compared to doing it offline Google Drive is a big winner here.

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