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How Do I Back Up My Outlook Data

How Do I Back Up My Outlook Data

Not many know that your email with Outlook in many cases is not backed up. The reason for this is most Outlook users use pop protocol which simply downloads the email to your computer. When it is downloaded you then put it into a folder. This folder on a pop3 account IS NOT replicated on the email host on the internet! There is another protocol called IMAP which does do this. It looks at the host server account and houses an exact replica of it on the computer. This is far supplierior as it means I could make changes on my desktop computer then use my ipad and the same folder structure will occur on both.

The issue here is that previous version of Outlook before the current version of 2013 are very poor at using IMAP so almost all would of been configured with pop and therefore the data is not replicated on the server. As it is not replicated on the server it is not being backed up! As a good back up is an up to date mirror of the data on another place.

SO what are the options? The best would be to migrate your old outlook to Outlook 2013. Microsoft has (finally) done something about their crapy IMAP support with 2013 so it is less likely to give you issues. If you are not for this option and you want to back up your email you can use a program like GFI Home Backup and an external hard drive.

You will need to configure the back up program to copy the data files of your outlook and put them on to the external hard drive.

To find out the file you need to back up boot up Outlook (2010):
Go File – account settings – Data files tab – you need to back up each of the items listed here.

This is the most important thing to be backing up for your Outlook.

Schudule it to do this at least every week but if you are a heavy user it is best to do it daily.

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