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Outlook Cannot Access Data File Fix

Outlook Cannot Access Data File Fix

If you are getting error message that you cannot access data file for Outlook you probably cannot use Outlook at all which mean no email! So to get round this and be able to send email as quickly as possible you can follow the below instructions. Although this will not bring up you folder structure you are used to it is simply here so you could could get back to using email if you really are in a hurry just to be able to send and receive again.

Start menu

type in control panel

bring up control panel

then user accounts

then mail

then select show profiles


data files

then you can add a data file

give it a name and save it under my documents

and set it as default and say ok to the message

Then check outlook and you should be able to get into outlook

So you will see there will be a new data file on the left and and inaccessable one below it. The next step would be to try and find out where the other data file has gone. It could of been deleted or might be on a network share that is unavailable now.

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