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Troubled Relationship With Laptop

Troubled Relationship With Laptop

I sometimes have a very bad relationship with my own laptop. Not that it is entirely its fault, as we say…it takes two to tango.

I am the owner of an Acer Aspire One. Dark red color and quite good looking. I might say a bit stylish. When I purchased it I was very happy with it. I needed a new small laptop to travel with easily as I move around a lot. I needed something I could use internet with including Skype calls, store some documents and share photos.

So when I was recommended this particular one I thought that’s all I need. I bought it at a very reasonable price included of international warranty and a few free gadgets. I was very happy with its performance for quite a long time. Then one day something unexpected happen. I decided to develop two of my hobbies further. Photography and video editing.

I started to install very powerful software on my little laptop. I loaded it up with Photoshop, Lightroom and Sony Vegas video editing. Imagine trying to run a Ferrari with the engine of a Fiat. It might work for a bit but eventually it will crash.

That’s when I started to thing my beloved Acer Aspire One was letting me down. It would crash after editing few photos or jam in the middle of editing a video project. Not to mention its speed at opening files and documents or loading web pages. It drives me mad. I sometime just want to crash it against the wall on a moment of frustration.

The I realize that it is not entirely its fault. I cannot expect it to do something it is not actually designed for. Its processor is simply not powerful enough to run perfectly with such powerful software.

Nonetheless for the moment I am sticking with it until I am ready to purchase a new one able to fulfill the requirement. This is why when purchasing a laptop the very first thing to consider is what do we need it for? What are we going to use it for?

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