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Ways to Improve Answering Business Phone Calls

Ways to Improve Answering Business Phone Calls

When dealing with customers over the phone it is very important to have good and professional phone manners. Especially if you have a business or work for a business where a phone call is the first step of contact. How you answer the phone and how you handle the phone call says a lot about the company and the kind of service provided by it. Potential customers will decide from here if they are willing to do business with your company.

Let’s have a look at 4 points to help improve answering phone calls

1. Greeting – Answer the phone call with “Good Morning/Afternoon/etc. according to the time of the day. It is much more effective than just “Hello” and it sounds professional.

2. Company name – after greeting the caller mention the Company/Business name so that your callers know they are speaking with the right people.

3. Introduce yourself – most people like to know who they are talking to. It is professional but also friendly, it will make the callers feeling more at ease talking to you and they will see you as a real person. Most of them will willingly tell you their names. This also will help you conducting a more personal call, focused on that one particular customer by using their names. They will appreciate it.

4. Offer your help – it is very important after the introduction to offer your help. “How can I help you today?”. They called you so they are interested in something your Company/Business offers. By offering your help you are already providing the callers with a professional service.

Good Morning “Company Name”, You are speaking to “your name” how can I help you today?

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