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Why You Should Get A NAS Device For Your Home Or Office

Why You Should Get A NAS Device For Your Home Or Office

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is like a dumb (but really cool!) computer that houses a hard drive on a network. What this means is you can store items such as documents and media and access them anywhere on the particular network.

An example of a NAS in action could be a home entertainment system. You could have this connected to your router and members of the family could upload their movies and music so that everyone in the house can access it. And it would not just be available from desktop and laptop computers it could also be available to iPads and other tablets and TV’s.

You could have this set up for an office as well. This would have the benefit of shared file access and a central repository for the files. This would mean the mary could edit a file for Tom to use in his sales presentation without having to email it to each other and potentially having several versions floating around. Having one store for all the company files means that there is only one place that needs to be backed up. If alternatively everyone kept files on their computers there would be many places to set up a backup making it far more complex.

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